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ISTA aims to enable the steel trading industry to have a collective voice which is recognised and respected. It allows all member companies to have a say in the matters that are important to them.

ISTA's aims are

  • to represent its members' interests in negotiations with National and European Governments and other regulatory bodies.
  • to provide a central point for the collection and dissemination of information relevant to its members.
  • to arrange site visits and training courses for industry personnel.
  • to organise a range of social functions enabling members to meet one another and entertain their customers and business contacts. The association's annual lunch regularly attracts over 700 members and guests and is recognised as

the leading event of its kind in the steel calendar.

Full membership is available to trading companies whilst associate membership is open to those in allied industries, such as shipping, insurance and banking.

ISTA represents its members' interests in negotiations with not only relevant UK Government departments but also European bodies on a wide range of subjects, such as quotas and anti-dumping.

Amongst the services that it provides, ISTA publishes a regularly updated set of Standard Terms & Conditions of Sale in template form for use by its members.

ISTA and International Enterprise (IE) Singapore

A Statement of Intent was recently made and entered into between the International Steel Trade Association, Broadway House, London and International Enterprise Singapore, Bugis Junction Office Tower, Singapore. ISTA Chairman Jeffrey Kabel and IE Singapore Assistant CEO Satvinder Singh signed the SOI in London.

ISTA and IE Singapore share a common goal of promoting international trade, and to that end desire to work together to create a Singapore-based branch of ISTA in order to support companies and persons engaged in the trade of and service to the steel and steel-making raw materials sector through social, educational, and other activities.

ISTA's members share a common desire for their customers to be competitive in their own market sectors. ISTA's aim is therefore to provide access to steel and steel-making raw materials at the same price as is available to their international competitors. ISTA is an advocate for the free and fair international trade for steel and steel-making raw materials.

IE Singapore is a Singapore government agency, spearheading the overseas growth of Singapore-based companies, and promoting international trade.

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